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A young girl smelling a sunflower.


Our newest addition for our 2019 season is our 2.5 Acre Sunflower Maze. We anticipate that our Sunflowers will from August to the first week in September. Both our Sunflower Maze and Corn Maze will open in August! The summer is the perfect time to come to the Farmyard. Looking for summer time photo ops? Something fun to do with the kids in Calgary? Places to visit near Alberta? Our Sunflower Maze checks all of those boxes. Come explore the maze during our Summer Farm Days or Sunflower Festival!

home of the biggest corn maze is southern alberta

Our Corn Maze is 12 acres, that's about the size of 10 football fields. It consists of two phases, each which takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete depending how fast you go and how many wrong turns you make. If you try to find all stations hidden in the maze you can fully expect to be in the maze longer.


Looking for an even bigger challenge? Flashlight Nights take a little longer and add another exciting dimension to maze exploration. The quickest route if you absolutely made no wrong turns (which has never happened yet) will take approximately 45 minutes per phase.


Small Corn Maze - For visitors that would like a taste of the corn maze, but not the whole thing, we have a smaller maze that takes approximately 15 minutes to find the 5 hidden stations and complete the maze. This maze is great for families with smaller children.


Lifecycle of the Corn Maze - The corn typically reaches its peak height in mid to late August. In a typical growing year, the typical lifecycle of the corn is as follows:


Late-July: Corn reaches 6 feet and above

Mid-August: Corn reaches 8 feet and above

Early-September or when the first hard frost occurs: Corn begins changing from green to fall yellow, and plant height and density begins to shrink

Late-September to late-October: Corn is full yellow in color. Height of the field is dependent on weather (wind, snow, etc.)

End of season: The corn maze closes for our visitors but opens for our animals. They graze it all winter long!

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