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What happens to the corn when the season is over?

The corn we grow is feed corn for animals! Our animals that you meet during your visits graze the maze all Winter long, eating both the cobs and stalks. They LOVE it and do an excellent job of clearing the corn so we can replant in the Spring.

What should I wear to the corn maze?

We recommend dressing appropriately for the weather conditions (which could almost be anything in Alberta). Things to pack could include hats, sunscreen, and/or umbrellas. We also recommend that you wear sturdy footwear (e.g. running shoes) that is suitable for outdoor and potentially uneven surfaces. You are visiting a farm, so there is a possibility your clothes may get a little dirty...especially if you're one of those people who like to play hard.

Is the site accessible for wheelchairs, motorized scooters and strollers?

Yes - most of the time. As a visit to the maze is an outdoor farm activity, the pathways may become muddy after long periods of heavy rainfall. Brief periods of rain usually do not affect the conditions of the maze.

I have allergies. What do I need to know?

When you visit the Calgary Farmyard, you may come in contact with pollen, animals, and insects. Although there is nothing out of the ordinary that you couldn't come in to contact anywhere else, we do suggest you bring any allergy medications, etc. that you feel are necessary.

Are pets allowed on site?

We love pets, and we know many of you do too. However, at the request of our petting zoo animals, and your fellow visitors, we have become a pet free facility. Sorry no exceptions (except of course for service dogs).

How long should we plan on visiting the Calgary Farmyard?

The average length of stay is over 4.5 hours. Most families and groups spend a whole afternoon or evening with us. There are people however who just visit to do the corn mazes. If this is your plan, give yourself 1 to 1.5 hours to complete the corn mazes.

What age range is the corn maze appropriate for?

The great thing about the Calgary Corn Maze & Fun Farm is that it's not age specific. We have something for everyone. Small children typically spend the majority of time on our playground activities than in the mazes, while adults typically spend more time in the mazes, and with activities such as Mini-golf, etc.

When is the corn the tallest?

The height of the corn is dependent on the weather we receive. Strong winds, frost. hail and snow damage plant height and density over the course of our season. If your intent is to visit the corn maze in its peak condition, we recommend visiting us mid August. In a typical growing year, the lifecycle of the corn is as follows: Late-July: Corn reaches 5 feet and above. Mid-late August: Corn reaches its peak height (8 feet and above) and full density. Early-September or when the first hard frost occurs: Corn begins changing from green to fall yellow and plant height and density begins to reduce. Late-September to early-October: Corn is full yellow in color. Once the corn reaches 5 feet and above, the corn is tall enough that people can no longer determine which path to take next even though they may be able to see over the tops of the corn.

Do you have food available?

You bet we do. We prepare premium products as we know how important good food is to our visitor's experience. We have a variety of concession and novelty foods including chicken fingers, hamburgers, fries, all beef jumbo dogs, fresh made ice cream, popcorn, home made fudge, kettle corn, beverages, snacks and more.

How do I get there?

Driving from Calgary: Take Stoney Trail SE ( Highway 201) to Highway 22X East. Take the Highway 22X East exit. This exit is located at the very southeast corner of Stoney Trail ( where Stoney Trail SE changes from running East/West to North/South.) Drive on Highway 22X East for 3.2 kilometers ( approx. 2 minutes) to Range Road 285 ( Watch for a blue Calgary Corn Maze highway sign prior to this intersection as well as a RV storage place with a big white fence!) Turn right ( South) onto Range Road 285. Drive 1.4 kilometers and take your first left ( East) onto Township Road 224. Drive 1.6 kilometers. We're on your left!

Do I need tickets in advance?

Yes. Tickets can be purchased by clicking the "Buy Now" Button on our website.