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The family that started Calgary Farmyard.

The Farmyard: Award-Winning Family Fun Destination in Calgary

Our Story: From The Calgary Corn Maze to The Farmyard

The Farmyard (formerly the Calgary Corn Maze) was founded in 2008 with the notion of bringing a country experience to the city so that everyone, regardless of age, can explore the fun of being on a farm. The vision began on a bare piece of land where we planted a cornfield, added a few barnyard animals, and a handful of small activities. As our offerings at the farm continued to grow, we saw the importance of changing our name to the Farmyard in 2019. This new name better reflects the full range of experiences we provide as visitors would often arrive at our farm gate, surprised by the variety of activities available, and remark, "We had no idea there was so much more than just a cornfield."

With the unconditional support of family, friends, and a dedicated staff team, we have continued to build the Farmyard into what it is today… A true labor of love, crafted to provide our guests with a unique, down-to-earth, and memorable experience where people can spend real quality time together. Every year, it continues to be our goal to enhance our farm experience by adding new and exciting attractions and food offerings so there is always something fresh for our guests to explore.


Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime

Open Spring, Summer, and Fall (mid-May to late October), we welcome you to our farm each year to cultivate new memories and sow family traditions. We have cherished the opportunity to watch our farm grow into an award-winning, top-tiered Calgary destination and feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people along the way.


Regardless of what initially drew you to our farm, in the end, we hope it's the laughter and memories that keep you coming back.


Best wishes from our family to yours,


Mark, Deanna, and the Farmyard Family

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