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Planning Guide

Thank you for booking with Alberta's #1 destination for farm fun. Family operated, we are fully committed to providing you with an outstanding and memorable experience. 


Length of Stay

You are welcome to stay as long as you like. Groups can spend the whole school day with us. However, we recommend you choose your length of your stay based on the age and needs of your group.  


When you arrive, you will be given a farm map. Some activities run on a schedule (I.e. train, pig races, etc.). The rest (petting zoo, zip lines, ropes course, playground attractions, mini golf, mazes, etc.) you are welcome to explore at your own pace.


What to Wear

The Calgary Farmyard is primarily an outdoor event. Although we do have covered areas available to take a break from the weather, and eat your lunches and snacks in, please ensure everyone is properly dressed. Be sure to bring hats or visors, sun screen, and water during hot weather, and rubber boots during or right after wet weather. Always wear sturdy footwear such as running shoes. 


Lunch Time

Groups will have a covered area to eat lunch. Groups are welcome to bring in their own food, or we have a concession that offers a wide range of food, snacks and beverages. We also have a water fountain on site for visitors to drink or refill water bottles at.


Site Guidelines/Supervision

The Calgary Farmyard always has staff around to answer questions/assist you when needed. However, please ensure that your group is supervised with an appropriate amount of chaperones.


For the fun and safety of all, and preservation of the Calgary Farmyard,

the following rules are in place:


    * Do not pick, pull, throw, eat or damage the corn

    * Stay on the paths at all times as shortcuts permanently damage the maze


    * Be calm and gentle at all times. Do not chase, yell at or scare the animals

    * Approach all animals from the front and sides, and do not stand behind the animals

    * Do not pick up the animals


    * Follow all posted site rules ( Jumping pillows, mazes, petting zoo, etc.)

    * Help keep our environment clean by using the trash and recycle bins provided

    * Do not damage any objects or activities

    * No tobacco, alcohol, drugs, profanity or persons under the influence

    * Children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times


Please ensure your group is familiar with our policies before arriving to the site ( the trip out is a great time to review our policies with your group).  We have a zero tolerance policy for abusive behaviour to our site, activities, staff or animals. 



We strive to minimize all safety risks. We also ask for your help to maximize our site safety and minimize first aid occurrences. We are continuously monitoring our site and inspecting our attractions to identify and fix any issues. If you see anything that poses a safety risk, or anyone engaging in reckless/negligent behaviour, please notify us immediately.


Our first aid station is located at the admission building. Any first aid that requires our assistance should be reported immediately to a staff. We are required to document and take photos of all first aid incidents.


Believe it or not, the top reasons for injuries are a result of not following our posted site guidelines. These include: 

* Cuts resulting from pulling/picking corn and corn stalks

* Animal bites and scratches from improperly feeding or picking up the animals


Heat stroke is also a significant risk as we are an outdoor venue, please ensure your group has adequate water and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.


Does anyone in your group have allergies? During your visit you may come in contact with animals, pollen, dust, and insects such as mosquitoes and bees. Although there is nothing out of the ordinary that you couldn't come in to contact anywhere else, we strongly suggest that each individual bring all necessary allergy medications, EpiPens, etc, as we do not administer medications.



Occasionally, with all the excitement, a child will wander from the group. Please notify staff immediately if a child is missing. We have a full set of procedures in place for us to locate the child as quickly as possible. In addition, our front gates are closed, and no one can leave the site until the child is located. 



Payment is due upon arrival. When you group arrives, we will provide you with all required information pertaining to your visit ( schedule, site map, etc). We will also assign a tented area for the length of your stay to leave your items ( backpacks, etc.), and eat your snacks and lunch whenever you like.


Please provide our admissions staff with the exact number of people ages 3+ in your group. Payment can be made by organizational cheque, cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard. You may also pay by phone on the morning of your event once your final number of attendees is confirmed.


Wristbands are required to enter the site. Anyone that is dropping off and/or picking up a member of your group must do so in the parking area. Please arrange a drop-off and pick-up time if this is the case.




We are located on the southeast tip of Calgary, 1.4 km’s east of the city limits. Driving from Calgary:

1.    Take Stoney Trail SE ( Highway 201)  to Highway 22X East.

2.    Take the Highway 22X East exit. This exit is located at the very southeast corner of Stoney Trail ( where Stoney Trail SE changes from running east/west to north/south).

3.    Drive on Highway 22X East for 3.2 kilometers (approx. 2 minutes) to Range Road 285  ( watch for a blue Calgary Farmyard highway sign prior to this intersection as well as a RV storage place with a big white fence).

4.    Turn right ( south)  onto Range Road 285.

5.    Drive 1.4 kilometers and take your first left ( east)  onto Township Road 224.

6.    Drive 1.6 kilometers. We're on your left!


Our address:

Calgary Farmyard

284022 Township Road 224

Rocky View, AB T1X 0J6

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