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We're thrilled to see you soon! As a family-run destination, we're dedicated to ensuring your visit is both exceptional and unforgettable.

The week prior to your school field trip, we'll reach out to finalize your itinerary and address any last-minute inquiries. Your time at the farm includes guided 20-minute sessions on plants and animals, along with a 15-minute tractor wagon ride. For groups with multiple classes, we'll organize you into smaller groups for these activities. You are free to explore the farm at your leisure for the remainder of your visit. Please click here to view our farm attractions: Spring visit, Fall Visit

All farm attractions are available during School Field Trips (weather permitting) with the exception of our miniature train, and farm extra activities (Gem Mining and Paintball).

Admission pricing is $13.95+gst per student, with free entry for teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers at a 1:6 ratio (1:4 for Kindergarten classes and pre-schools, and 1:1 for students that need direct assistance).  Additional chaperones are $13.95+gst.

Our farm is open from 9 am to 2:45 pm. As we're primarily an outdoor venue, please have each student bring a water bottle, and dress appropriately for the weather. This includes hats or visors, and sunscreen for warmer days, rubber boots for wet conditions, and layers, toques, mittens for colder days. Children with allergies should bring any necessary medications. 

Lunch areas are provided, and you're welcome to bring your own food. Concessions are also available. A water refill station is also available for refilling bottles.

Enhance your field trip with our Classroom in the Corn learning series, designed to make the experience more engaging and informative. Our Teacher Resource Guides, tailored to specific grade levels, offer detailed activity plans, including objectives, preparation tips, necessary materials, worksheets, and instructions.

The password for accessing these resources is getlosthavefun, covering grade levels from Pre-K & K to Gr. 9 to 12, ensuring a rich learning experience for all students.

Pre-K & K Part 1

Pre-K & K Part 2

Pre-K & K Part 3

Pre-K & K Part 4


Gr. 1 to 4 Part 1

Gr. 1 to 4 Part 2

Gr. 1 to 4 Part 3

Gr. 1 to 4 Part 4


Gr. 5 to 8 Part 1

Gr. 5 to 8 Part 2

Gr. 5 to 8 Part 3

Gr. 5 to 8 Part 4


Gr. 9 to 12 Part 1

Gr. 9 to 12 Part 2

Gr. 9 to 12 Part 3

Gr. 9 to 12 Part 4

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